early detorminity due to late detection

Confirming an early case of leoposy in the field.

Doctor counselling a new patient

Health worker guiding a leprosy patient

India Shares 58% Of The Global Leprosy Burden In 2012 – WHO

Leprosy, a disease of the nerves & the skin, caused by mycobacterium leprae bacillus still lingers on in spite of modern medication, largely due to poverty and ignorance. ALERT-INDIA, a 35 year old NGO, is a partner in the struggle to combat leprosy in India's National Leprosy Eradication Programme (NLEP).

Today, over three million people in India are estimated to have visible leprosy disabilities and deformities caused by delayed treatment, posing great personal suffering and hardship to the patients. This is because there is no primary prevention (vaccination) and the leprosy germs are air borne. In addition, the early signs and symptoms of the disease are trouble free.

ALERT-INDIA's leprosy control activities include more than 123 Leprosy Referral Centres in coordination with Government health system in 12 tribal districts of Maharashtra State. Educational campaigns and special drives are conducted to detect and refer early cases of leprosy.

At our 123 Leprosy Referral Centres (LRCs), 16,269 new leprosy cases were diagnosed out of which 54.5% of the new leprosy cases were found with advanced stage of leprosy. 61% of them are detected with disabilities and deformities – either in hands, feet or eyes. Prevention of Disability (POD) services by ALERT-INDIA includes providing aids and appliances produced at a special footwear centre in Mumbai for care of hands and feet. Reducing deformity is reducing stigma and promote social integration. 


“This is one challenge I cannot take on alone…
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Sachin Tendulkar



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Special footwear for insensitive foot

Dressing the wound

Splint to correct deformity of hand