Changing lives with Awareness, Quality care & Community participation

Together, we made it …

We thank all the persons affected by leprosy, their families and the local communities for giving us an opportunity to work together towards building their self-esteem and confidence to overcome the effects of the disease and its consequences. Much progress has been made by ALERT-INDIA only with the assistance of our collaborative partner organizations and well-wishers who made this possible with necessary guidance, voluntary services and sharing health resources.

Our teams on the ground are able to bring positive change to the lives of people affected by leprosy through ‘Leprosy Elimination Action Programme’ in different geographical locations and regions of Maharashtra with improved organisational culture and accountability, which is scalable and sustainable.

Promoting community participation for leprosy awareness and early detection

Strengthening the public health system for reducing leprosy

Enabling healthcare providers for sustained leprosy care and services

Empowering people affected by leprosy for rights, entitlements and ending the stigma

Ensuring lasting change in the lives of people affected by leprosy